Life At Delantero

This premier mixed use development will offer both employment and housing opportunities. This will be the ideal, cohesively designed neighborhood to live, work and play. A safe, efficient and convenient transportation network will connect housing, commercial and open space areas for motorists, pedestrians and bicyclists within the neighborhood. As a themed neighborhood, environmental graphics and signage will inform and guide residents and visitors alike.

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Retailers & Commercial Shops

Economic development and job creation will be a significant component of Delantero including mixed use retail, commercial and industrial employment.

Centrally Located Elementary School

A proposed school site centrally located along the project's major spine road will allow safe, convenient access for buses and parent drivers, while an adjacent trail corridor will allow students from the surrounding neighborhoods to safely walk to and from school.

Trails & Paths

Strategically located trails and open space corridors will connect all areas within the community and provide access to future development, fostering a sense of vitality and community that will define Delantero. Miles of trails will promote ideal neighborhood connectivity.

Community Agriculture & Farmers Market

A park rooted in an agricultural theme is routed along the western edge of Delantero. This will embrace the farming heritage that Greeley is so well known for.